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Flurin Syrup

Swertia chirata based herbal syrup with antipyretic and decongestant action.

Flurin Tablet

A safe and effective decongestant, antipyretic and analgesic combination based on Maha Sudarshan Ghansar & Tribhuvan Kirti Rasa. Flurin does not causes drowsiness, sedation or weakness.

Kasvin Cough Drops (Lozenges)

A Soothing, expectorant and demulcent preparation for all age groups.

Kasvin Tablet

Kasvin Tablet is a combination of well established classical Ayurvedic formulations recommended in cough & various respiratory disorders. Kasvin has demulcent, expectorant and antimicrobial properties.

Kasvin Syrup

Adrak & Tulsi based herbal soothing cough syrup. It has mucolytic and expectorant properties. Kasvin relieves respiratory congestion & bronchial spasm. Kasvin is safe for day to day use, as it does not cause sedation.