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Farmatone Tablet

Farmatone Tablets is a herbo mineral formulation for the management of various Urinogenitory problems.

Kaltropsin Tablet

A Comprehensive polyherbal diuretic preparation recommended for safe and effective management of various urinary disorders. Kaltropsin has Antimicrobial, Nephroprotective & Alkaliser actions. Kaltropsin has high concentration of lithotryptic agents as Pashanbheda, Gokshura & Hajral Yahuda Bhasma which makes Kaltropsin a drug of choice for Renal calculi. It also corrects impaired crystalloid colloid imbalance.

Kaltropsin Syrup

Kaltropsin Syrup is a safe pleasant tasting, herbal diuretic effective in various types of urinary disorders. Kaltropsin has Lithotryptic, Antimicrobial and Nephro Protective Actions.

United Shilajeet Tablet

Shilajeet is nature's best anti-aging supplement. Shilajeet is adaptogen, restorative, rejuvenative and 'rasayana'. Shilajeet is a powerful aphrodisiac. Shilajeet is recommended in a number of diseases in Ayurveda.