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Leeron-88 Syrup

Leeron 88 Syrup is a pleasant tasting appetizer and liver corrective for all ages. Leeron 88 Syrup improves functional efficiency of liver and protects hepatic parenchyma against toxins.

Leeron-88 Tablet

Leeron-88 Tablet is a combination of time tested herbs and Classical Ayurvedic formulations recommended for various kinds of liver disorders. Leeron-88 Tablet has anti inflammatory, hepato protective and hepatocorrective properties.

United Shilajeet Tablet

Shilajeet is nature's best anti-aging supplement. Shilajeet is adaptogen, restorative, rejuvenative and 'rasayana'. Shilajeet is a powerful aphrodisiac. Shilajeet is recommended in a number of diseases in Ayurveda.